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Bachpan celebrating the Harvest festival - Pongal. Pongal is the unique identity of Tamil culture. It is the festival of thanking the nature for providing us everything. Bachpan children learn here the habit of gratitude for the things they receive throughout their life. Staying thankful and saying thank you really are noble qualities. We have to teach our young minds the habit of thanking every now and then.
Every birth is a god's gift to this world. In our Bachpan we celebrate these gifts. All the bachpanities will be treated with sweets and gifts in the celebration.
Celebrating being an Indian at Bachpan. Proud to be in India.
It is drizzling in Bachpan. Come here, let us all enjoy in the rain.
It is important to instill patriotism in our children. Here at Bachpan we implant national integrity in our children at this tender age so that they will get to know how proud it is to be Independent and to feel proud about their nation.